From Mistress Theadora Perplexa, gift exchange marshal in charge:
Gift Exchange Information:
Those who wish to participate in the gift exchange should bring a wrapped gift of $5.00 value or less (or something that you don’t mind exchanging for something that cheap). Please label it if has an age restriction (alcoholic beverages are the most common example). Please do not add any other hints; the lack of information is part of the fun. Deposit it on the table or under the tree with the other *wrapped* gifts (not with the donations for Toys for Tots).
On Saturday evening after feast and when the kitchen is clean, join the circle of benches. You will get to draw a number for each wrapped gift you have put on the table. We will then go in numerical order, picking gifts from the pile or taking them from each other. Number 1 will draw both first and last.
Gift Exchange Rules:
  • The gifts should be inexpensive and wrapped. They stay wrapped until the end.
  • A “round” begins when a gift is taken from someone, and continues for 10 seconds, or until a gift is picked from under the tree. Whoever doesn’t have a gift in hand when the count reaches zero has to pick from under the tree.
  • Gifts may not be hidden.
  • Gifts must be taken and given up humanely.
  • Each gift may be exchanged only once per round.
  • The wrapping is part of the gift and may be kept.