Toys for Tots

Each year, Oldenfeld combines our Yule event with a Toys for Tots toy donation drive.
Oldenfelders, and visitors to the Land of Big Fun, also have big hearts: we have donated approximately 1,000 toys each of the last two Yule events and many hundreds of toys in prior years. The Marine Corps reports that over 4,500 Tallahassee area children received toys through the program last year.

Because we believe in this program, the majority of the tournaments and contests that take place during the day will be structured to give a competitive advantage to those who bring more toys.

Please note that there are some toys, however, that the Toys for Tots program will no longer distribute, and we ask that you keep this in mind while shopping this season. Please refrain from donating Play-Doh and other brands/forms of clay, realistic-looking weapons (including those with orange tips), and any food items.

As always, thank you for your generosity. The children of our community appreciate it!